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Binding Machine

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Product Specification  TC-5500(5310) 

Binding Speed      360 Cycle/hrBook Thickness             50(70)mmBook Clock Size   320 mm x 220 mm
Cover Size            330 mm x 480 mmPower Consumption     2.3 Kw Display                  LCD
Machine Weight   300 KgWarm up  time               40~50 minSide glue               X
Power                    220~240 V / 50~60 Hz
Cutting type                  Scraping

Button operation One-stop shop that anyone can easily finish binding, office binding machine

     You can bind with one button. You can easily insert the document into the document guide and operate the button at the same time.

Book Thickness Control

    Control the height of the book thickness, if the cover is thick, turn to the right to adjust. Turn it to the left to make the book angled, and turn it to the right to make the book round

Cover & spine of book position control

    You can easily adjust the position of the spine of book by lifting the cover and adjusting the cover up and down.


A blade with a powerful motor scratched the bottom of the book. The glue is firmly attached to the book, so that the page of the book does not flare and can be attached to the cover. 



Double cylinder

Before manuscript pressured with a cylinder, now manuscript pressured with front and back two cylinders. 


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